Guide to being a awesome!!! player killer!

First step:
Getting supplies
Go to grand exchange and buy the best possible equipment you can use but maintaining in your budget.  For rangers I suggest using steel arrows if you have low budget, mithril arrows for a higher budget, and adamants only if you have some cash laying around and are expecting to pk riskers and not no itemers.  For mages i suggest buying a ton of deaths and a air staff.  This way you can cast air blast using just 1 death per cast.  For mages i also suggest having binds for runners.   For meleers i would just suggest having a rune scimitar and a rune 2h for quick finishes.   Next purchase a ton of food from grand exchange (tuna or better recommended).  When i pk i usually take 10 tuna and leave the other spaces open for drops.  
Second step:
Go into the pk world and walk out into the unsafe zone.  A trick in lumbridge is to walk onto the square where the lumbridge sage is standing.  This way no one can see you and will normally not attack you.  After spotting a target of your choice attack them.  If you see there hp drop to about 1/4th, meleers pull out your 2h and if your lucky you will KO them and they will have no time to eat.  If they run from you magers quickly bind them.  If you can not bind then chase them into the safe zone and you have 10 secounds to pk them.  Good luck.
Third step:
Once you pk someone grab all the stuff they drop and quickly run back to safe zone and eat the food you have until you have full hp.  Some pkers wait until you finish the fight and attack you right away before you have time to eat.

5 tips for pking

1.  The obvious
Always bring food, good equipment, tele runes if you are mage etc.
2.  Gather a team
If you can gather a team and go to the deep wilderness if you are bounty huntering, or barbarian village in pk.  Pile a enemy for a quick kill.
3.  Don't get scammed
Some people will ask you to join there team then lead you to multi combat place.  Then turn on you and kill you.
4.  Never no armor or no food someone
Never no armor or no food people because they will drop there armor and food and show you empty invent.  Then pick up there food and armour again.