How to make a range/2h hybrid

1. make your character, lalala.  Do tutorial.  Ok once you are finished we can get down to business.  Go and purchase a shortbow, oak shortbow, willow shortbow, maple shortbow, about 10k of your choice of arrows, an iron scimitar, a steel scimitar, a mithril scimitar, a adamant scimitar, a rune scimitar, and a rune 2h for pking.  all of this topped with armour of your choice.  for pking it's nice to have a coif, iron chainbody, steel or mithril arrows, a team cape, green d'hide chaps, and green d'hide vambraces.  Now purchase whatever food you need.  I used about 3k tuna.  And your ready to train.
2. Range goes up!
In your invent have all of your bows.  Please note that using my guide the tuna is mostly for pking.  My leveling strategy's don't require you getting hurt much.  So head off to monks.  They will heal u for free if you just talk to them.  Do this until 20 range.
3. Range continues!
Now to start training on minotaurs.  great thing about them?  There is a safe spot and they drop arrows.  Fairly often to.  Minotaurs are located in lv 1 stronghold of security.This until 40 range.
4. The final stretch!
Now you have 2 choices to get to 60 or 70 range.  I chose 60 cause 70 just is boring and takes to long.  You can safe spot hill giants but the downside is it's very very crowded.  The best choice is to go to moss giants on crandor.  It is occasionally crowded but you can just go to a world with less people.
5. STR!
Drop off all your range supplies at the bank and grab all your scimys.  No food needed as were heading back to monks.  Once again train str here until 20 str.
6. More str!
Now you can either chose to fight barbarians (my choice), or you can fight cockroaches in stronghold of safety for there drops.  Either way your going to need some food.  This until 40 str.
7. Now for attack!
With high str now you will be able to hit higher meaning quicker att xp.  That is why i chose to train str first.  Anyhow continue training on either barbs or cockroaches until 40 att.  Now you can wield your rune scimitar for the rest of training.  All of your now unused stuff can be sold.
8. The last stretch till pk!
Now with 40 str and 40 as well as 60 or 70 range your nearly there.  Grab your rune scimitar and a bunch of food.  You can train the rest of str on hill giants, moss giants, or al kharid guards.  you will need food for all 3.  train here until 58 str if your 60 range or 68 str if your 70 range.
9.  Alright all done!
Now i'll show you how to actually pk.  There are 3 most common methods of range/2h.
-1. Quick switch
Range and then when your opponent has a bit less than half use this.  How do you do this you ask?  When you see your character begin to raise the bow click on your r2h and quickly press att on your enemy.  This will cause the damage splats to stack on top of each other.  And if you lucky your opponent will die with no time to get to the food.  This one takes some practice but you will get it eventually.
-2. Delayed switch
This one is fairly easy but is harder to pull off.  Range then when you see that your opponent has about the amount of life that your r2h can kill. Wait until you see your range splat then quickly click on r2h and swipe.  This should happen in a bout a secound and if your lucky can KO.
-3. Bait and switch
This method is one of my favorites.  When you see your opponent has the right amount of hp.  range them once and start running a few squares away.  Your opponent will think your running and won't bother to eat.  After running a few squares pull out your r2h and swipe before he notices your not running. This is fun! =D i love it.
10.  Alright now your all done and ready to pk! have fun!  Hoped you enjoyed my guide. =D