Making money with fishing

Fishing level 1.
At level one the best thing to fish is crayfish.  Requires crayfish cage.  they sell for 28 around coins raw.  Makes about 15k per hour.

Fishing level 35.
Crayfish is the best thing to fish until lv 35 fishing.  Now you can fish tuna which sell for around 141 raw.  Makes from 10k to 35k an hour.

Fishing level 40.  
Now you can fish lobsters.  The best place to fish lobsters is in karjama.  Lobsters sell for around 422 raw.  Money per hour can be very different depending on what your fishing level is.

Fishing level 50. 
Swordfish sell for more than lobster but tuna are caught with them and it takes longer to fish them.  I would recommend staying with lobsters until level 60 fishing.